It has been a long road, but we finally arrived at our preferred destination for your garden... at Borek!

After searching for two years, comparing all brands in the industry, I am just thrilled and feel honored too, tiiset rooms becomes the first selling point for the Dutch outdoor furnishing brand Borek in southern Germany.

Borek, a family run company for outdoor furniture and parasols, was founded in 1977 by Mr Bogaers Sr., who started with importing parasols. Joining the company some 10 years later, his son Frank Bogaers had a vision...
Recognising the importance our outdoor rooms would get in the years to come, he wanted to guide Borek to a leading company in the international outdoor furnishing industry. In his vision Borek should grow into a conceptual brand for outdoor interiors with a recognisable identity offering innovation, high quality and comfort at the same time being modern, elegant and timeless. Setting up an own Borek design team and working with leading Dutch designers, like Marcel Wolterinck, he started to create a Borek world... And jee, if you enter their showroom in the Netherlands you feel he succeeded in his mission! We tries to give you a bit of that ‘Borek feel’ in our showroom garden. Come, see and be mesmerised!