Honestly, for bathroom and kitchen accessories, there is only one company that has the quality and looks we like to offer our clients. The story begins 1939 with a young couple, Marie and Holger. Marie, a trained hairdresser, decides to open her own little salon. As money is tight, Holger, a whitesmith, promises to help her furnish her salon and makes her, amongst others, a practical and robust waste bin. Many wives of doctors and dentist become client of Marie. They get their husbands to buy the practical bin for their medical clinics.
Daughter Jette takes over her fathers business, as seeing his life work dying a slow death, she cannot stand. Together with one employee, she produces bins in a the back yard of her family home. Somehow she knows this is the right thing to do, but how to continue? Jette has a dream. She wants to bring the bin from the small professional market into the personal homes. It is due to her vision and perseverance that Vipp became what it is today, the best brand in their area. With both Jetteā€™s children joining the company today, new roads are being explored. Vipp is still growing and extending their product range. But no product fails to have, what they call, the Vipp DNA. They all are a very recognisable Vipp family member.