When Linda Brattlöf moved to a lovely house in the countryside, she also became the owner of a stunning garden. There was only one thing that disturbed the harmonious picture and kept bothering her, the ugly water hose and its rusty wall bracket. After wasting lots of time trying to find one that suited house and garden better, she had to give up. They just didn’t exist! Instead of accepting this status quo, she decided to design her own. One lead to the other, Garden Glory was born and even rewarded with the Swedish Design Award 2012. They have a phenomenal slogan:

‘for glamorous people with dirty nails’

To finnish the story of the ugly water hose and its rusty wall bracket at the lovely house... Linda and her family sold the house before Garden Glory was really born and the old ugly couple had never been replaced. Years later, the lady who bought their house called. In a shop she had seen these beautiful water hoses, then read Linda’s story about how Garden Glory was born. She didn’t doubt long and ordered a Garden Glory white hose and reindeer to finalise Linda’s harmonious picture.