I remember quite well the first time I saw the products of Imperfettolab. It was at a fair in Paris some 6 years ago. Still living in Switzerland, having a ‘normal’ job, I joined a friend who wanted to start her own business in interior design. As I had always done some exterior and interior design besides my daily job, I loved to give her a hand. We still visit fairs together, being it for both our own companies now. 

Imperfettolab never left my mind and when I decided to give tiiset rooms a start, I knew I would love to represent them. I am very fond of their products. They are so decorative. Light and easy to handle. Imperfetto, meaning something unique and exclusive. Sculptures, home accessories and furniture made of fibre glass. Designed and carefully produced at an artistic studio in Gambetolla, Italy, they are beautiful objects for home and garden.