A good example of a company that suits all my criteria. The full form of the acronym ‘CEA’ is ‘Centro Energie Alternative’. The name was quite a significant choice during the 1980s, when the firm was founded, as the identification of sources of ‘alternative energy’ was not that common yet. They felt then and still do today that there is an obligation to respond to present needs without harming future generation. CEA emphasis on production processes that are simplified and present a low environmental impact, avoiding the use of pollutants or processes that would be highly toxic for the environment, and insists on using fully recyclable materials, the first of which is stainless steel. What is now used as a tap to distribute water can later be transformed into something quite different: a door-handle, a chair leg, a window frame and so on.
Their production of course is completely in Italy, in the Bassano district of the Veneto region, known for its history in high level industrial achievement.
Their products are different, futuristic, contemporary often using aesthetically-pleasing alternative materials, which makes it a joy to work with!