Marta new, when she studied and lived in China that this country was her destiny. In one way or the other. Being Italian, young (and yes, beautiful too), she got familiar with an ancient method of processing silk. Passed on for thousands of years, from one generation to the other, the simplest and purest way of processing this precious material, using only clean groundwater, silk cocoons and the age-old craftsmanship of Chinese farmers’ skilled hands. The result of combining this ancient Chinese silk processing method with the classy Italian feel became Shuj. Silk filled duvets and a precious bed linen collection in absolute finest silk/cotton or silk/linen quality. They create an overwhelming feel of luxury, intimacy and unknown comfort. Some of the most prestigious hotels use them in their top suites. Why not spoil yourself? Our daily life is often hectic, full of pressure. You deserve the most peaceful and relaxing time to recover, every night.