Jacopo Foggini ‚Dischi‘

Illumination defines

If you would ask me, Bernike Szabo, architectural designer and creative brain behind tiiset, ‘What is the most essential element in a house?’, without hesitation I would say: ‘Lighting!’
Illumination defines. It defines ambiance. It shows who you are. Do you prefer a warm and inviting atmosphere or rather have an extravagant or elegant feel? Do you want a masterpiece to be set in scene or highlight architectural features?
With lighting you can underline a concept, create flow. With the right lighting a house becomes a home. Illumination defines.


For many years we have partnered with a select group of companies who specialise in lighting design. Each of these brands has their own unique style and approach to lighting, allowing us to create that variety of looks and atmospheres. We are proud to work with these companies to bring our client the best in lighting design.


My biggest passion in lighting definitely belongs to the Canadian company Bocci and their Model 28. It is such a versatile light! With its over a hundred colour pendants and the various ways of hanging, every installation is a unique piece. We are one of the very few dealers in Europe showing all colours in our showrooms in Munich and in Selva when finished.


Then there is Ochre, a league of its own. Ochre pieces – lighting and furniture – are of such pure beauty, making them timeless, contemporary and elegant at the same time. I call them the modern collectables as they are something to fall in love with and never get tired of. Like no other they ad elegance and sophistication to your home.


Jacopo Foggini
For those daring!
Jacopo Foggini is a designer who creates bold and daring installations that tell a story. His pieces are a statement of style. Your style, telling your story of extravagance, of individuality. They are present. They are funky! And sure to be a conversation starter.


Davide Groppi
Davide Groppi is my favourite when it comes to more technical illumination. Their reduced designs perfectly blend in with any space. Sometimes with a touch of humour, they are the ones setting the basic lines of our architecture in scene. A couple of their models you will find in all our projects, as they are simply the best in their field.


External lighting projects
As I have this passion for lighting, it is one of the few tasks I still do for external projects.
If you are looking for that special light that creates a wow-effect, or creates that flow, or emphasises your concept, that special light that turns your house into your home, then I am the one to turn to. I specialise in creating unique lighting designs that are tailored to your individual needs and desires.