Borek, a family-run outdoor furniture company, was founded in 1977 by Mr Bogaers Sr.
He began by importing parasols. His son Frank joined the company about ten years later and he had a vision.
Recognising the growing importance of outdoor spaces, he wanted to guide Borek to become a leading company in the international outdoor furnishing industry. His vision was to grow Borek into a conceptual brand for outdoor furniture with a recognisable style; modern, elegant, timeless yet comfortable.
In addition to forming a Borek design team, he partnered with renowned Dutch designers, like Marcel Wolterinck. He was well on his way to creating this Borek world. And jee, if you enter their showroom in the Netherlands now, you know he succeeded! 
They are our primary brand for outdoors projects. Being Dutch, of course it ads a special touch working with them.