CEA Design

CEA, short for Centro Energie Alternative, is an exemplary company that meets all my requirements. The name was a significant choice when the company was established in the 1980s, as the recognition of the alternative energy was a revolutionary concept at that time. 
They have always felt that there is a responsibility to meet current needs without compromising the future of generations to come. CEA focuses on production processes that are streamlined and have a minimal environmental impact, avoiding the use of pollutants or processes that would be toxic for the environment.
They and insists on using fully recyclable materials, the first of which is stainless steel. What is currently used as a tap to dispense water can be repurposed into something entirely different: a door handle, a chair leg, a window frame and so on. Their production is based in Italy, in the Bassano district of the Veneto region which is known for its history in high level industrial achievement.

CEA designs are different, futuristic, contemporary and often using aesthetically-pleasing alternative materials.

You will find CEA featured in all of our projects.