Many years ago I was searching for a one-of-a-kind flexibel sofa system, which allowed its function to adapt to different moods and circumstances. Finding more of the same wherever I looked, I finally arrived at Edra, an Italian company, just half an hour outside Pisa in Tuscany.

First of all, we found that exact sofa we were looking for. Their model ‚On the Rocks‘, featuring independent geometric bases and flexible back rests, is devoid of rigid structures and provides limitless combinations to suit personal ideas and preferences. You can swap them around, making different set-ups again and again.

But not only did we find that special sofa. Far more, in Edra we found a partner that embodies our core values: local craftsmanship, local production (with the exception of one model produced in Brasil), absolute excellence in quality, commitment to sustainability and a one-of-a-kind uniqueness in their designs, which are heritages forever. On top of that we value Edra’s unwavering commitment to the customer, exemplified by the motto ‚The customer’s wish is our command.‘

For us, Edra represents the perfect blend of modern technology and artistic tradition. Coupled with the customer-centric approach it makes them the perfect fit for our tiiset projects.