Jacopo Foggini

Who dares?

Jacopo Foggini is one of our recently added partners. I absolutely love his exuberant, funky, and outspoken designs. His creations possess unique character and add an individual style to your home. Of course, positioning these dazzling designs requires careful consideration, but they are guaranteed to bring out the best in your home’s architectural design and provide it with a touch of uniqueness like no other. For clients who dare to be different, we have Foggini.

Art or design?

Foggini, who lives and works in Milan, is renowned for his boundary-breaking exploration of art and design. He refuses to be pigeonholed into either category, and his works reflect this philosophy. In the early 1990s, he began experimenting with methacrylate, an industrial material used in automotive design. He developed a machine that heats the material to 200 degrees Celsius, producing a filament that he shapes by hand to create luminous shapes and monumental works in an exciting play of colours.


For many years, Foggini has participated in the Milan International Furniture Fair, where he has created mind-blowing site-specific installations. He has also worked on breathtaking projects, such as the Lampadario da Teatro for the Opening Ceremony of the Torino Olympic Games. For that event, he designed and engineered an enormous and majestic chandelier to be lifted during the performance of maestro Luciano Pavarotti.

Foggini has also worked on important installations in renowned hotels, restaurants, showrooms, and theatres, as well as customised projects for private houses and collectors. His notable projects include the Nhow Hotel in Milan, the Side Hotel in Hamburg, the Grand Hotel Principi di Piemonte in Sestriere, the Riad Enija Hotel in Marrakech, and the W Hotel in Saint Petersburg. He is one of the leading designers for the Italian design company Edra, for whom he has designed chairs, armchairs, and tables. All of his designs stand out for their individuality and choice of material, making them collectors‘ items and a feast for the eyes. 

Jacopo Foggini and tiiset

We are thrilled and excited to begin our partnership with this Maestro Grande di Design in Mallorca