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Georg, my partner in crime, has a couple of passions.
First, he is a semi-professional guitarist, main focus: Flamenco. As a Bavarian. No joke!!
Second, he is a gourmet who loves food, has the greatest fling for espresso and adores wine (and Bavarian beer).

Needless to say that when we began looking around Mallorca to start our real estate business, he was thrilled to explore the island’s vineyards and wines. Finally something Bavaria lacked.

It quickly became apparent that going back and forth between Munich and Mallorca was not an option for a long time. We needed to choose. My three adorable, young adult kids had been leaving our family nest one by one and there was this sense of now-or-never. We choose the now, we took the plunge.
We had bought this incredible piece of land, actually to build a project. Every time we visited the plot we felt this energy, we saw the exceptional views. In the meantime we had seen a great number of plots and nothing could compete with this one. After experiencing difficulties with the existing construction license, which was preventing us from taking on a project here anyway, we finally decided to keep it for ourselves and build our showroom/office/home there. Obviously the perfect orientation of the hill to turn it into a vineyard helped this decision making.

Assisted by a couple of wine experts (growing wine requires obtaining a license and purchasing wine ‚rights‘ – nothing comes easy here), the position of the vineyard was being set and the grapes were chosen. The little grapevines were planted in spring 2022. Due to the construction that would take place once we would have the new construction license, only the lower part of the hill was available. So thats for the whites, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier. When the construction is completed, the top part of the hill will be dedicated to reds. Finally resulting in 1 hectares of wine and a beaming ally. And hopefully some excellent wines to fill our bodega over time.